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Why You Should Buy A Mattress On a Made-To-Order (MTO) Basis?

If there’s something that you can invest in for your well-being, then a mattress should on top of your list. The quality of the mattress can make a huge difference in your day, whether you’d be energized throughout the day, or you have to endure back pain and aches for the rest of the day. And that’s one of the aspects that we truly care about.

Because of how significant the difference in sleeping in a good, quality mattress, Stylemaster Malaysia has a different approach in providing a mattress to our customers and that is using a ‘made-to-order’ basis method instead of the common method of ready stock. 

This method is a type of production that producers or manufacturers (that’s us!) manufacture the product only after a customer places an order for the item, whether a standard requirement provided for us, or perhaps little tweaks here and there for personalized customization.

A lot of thoughts and reasons why we chose this method as opposed to a ready stock that we see in the market. For a start, we aim to provide the topmost quality for our customers, using FIFO (first in first out) materials to make a new mattress, instead of old stocks that have been staying in a warehouse for some time, even if the mattress purchased are delivered the next day. What more if the said old mattress can potentially deform due to long storage, as common issues with ready stock mattresses.

Hence, having a ‘made-to-order’ basis can eliminate these chances and ensuring you’ll be getting the finest quality every single time. Sure, the whole process can take some time but trust us, the wait for a few days is worth in a exchange for a fresh, perk-up feel every single morning when you wake up on such a fine mattress.

Not to mention that since we’re manufacturer-direct, you can be sure the mattress is priced reasonably, making it a worthwhile purchase. Hence, consider it as an investment.

The brand Stylemaster is backed with years of experience with the brand started in Australia in 1899 and supported by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, rest assured that you’ll get nothing but the best for your health.

To try our mattresses, you can visit us at our showroom or simply drop by at our booth in most of the big furniture exhibitions. You can follow us at our facebook, Stylemaster Malaysia, to know more where we are. To purchase, you can place your orders at our online store @ https://stylemastermalaysia.com/collections/stylemaster-mattress.



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