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80% of Malaysians will choose 5-zone individual pocket spring mattress

Stylemaster 5 zone individual pocket spring mattress is the most recommended as it suits different body shapes and weights. It has five rows of softer and firmer springs running across the mattress. This assists in the mattress conforming to your body shape and giving a higher level of support.
It supports the five notable areas of your body which are head/neck, shoulder, pelvis, calf and foot. It is designed to eliminate muscular stress, aches, and pains and to enhance proper spinal alignment. Scientifically designed for optimal circulation within the body during night-time recovery. 

Head Zone & Foot Zone: These two parts have the same firmness. They help to make sure our head and foot in the perfect alignment.

Shoulder Zone: Shoulder will be sinked in slightly in this softest zone. This zone helps to eliminate the soreness of neck and shoulder.

Lumbar Zone: This zone provides provides optimum support and conforms to the  body curve of your back. It helps to maintain the back in the most natural position and hence, alleviates muscle pain. 

Knees Zone: Thigh and knee will be aligned in this zone. It helps to reduce joint pains and pressure points. 

In the nutshell, there are many types of mattresses which consist of 5 zone individual pocket spring. We advise customer to purchase from the specialist stores where customers experience the real feel of mattress as well as can understand the importance of choosing right mattresses from professionals. 

Sleep well and stay in shape!